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So, almost a year ago I said I’d start doing more blog posts and … nothing. I didn’t do it. Sorry. One of the biggest events in my life the past year was my graduation on June 9, 2011, from the University of Washington’s Master of Library and Information Science program (or, using acronyms, I received an MLIS degree from UW). So I’m a real, live librarian. Sort of. I have the piece of paper, but it hasn’t magically transformed into a job yet. Anyone out there want to hire a smart, hardworking librarian?

The unemployment deal has been pretty discouraging, but back to graduation: My mom and dad came to celebrate with me and spend a few days in Seattle. It was lovely.


I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a long time, and I really don’t know why I’ve been putting it off. The past several months have been really hard for me — I think I’ve cried more since March than I did my entire life up until then. But I’ve also had a chance to reflect on how blessed I am, and so, in no particular order, here are a few of the things I’m thankful for: Continue reading ‘Blessings’