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The final P-I

finalpi-1Today the last P-I was printed. I’ve worked at the newspaper for eight years, and although it has been frustrating at times and I’ve thought about quitting more times than I can count, it’s heartbreaking to see the paper die. A lot of commenters on the P-I’s website (which is continuing operation) say the paper was a lefty, liberal rag that deserved to die. The first part of that argument may be true, in some ways. But the conclusion is dead wrong. P-I reporters did a lot of amazing journalism that really made a difference in Seattle, and I hope they all can keep writing great stories, whether they’re sticking with or moving on. Continue reading ‘The final P-I’

What’s going on?

So, I haven’t blogged in awhile, as you can see. Here’s what’s been going on in my life between the last time and now.

nancy-1I applied to grad school in the beginning of January. I’m planning on getting a master’s degree in library and information science. The highlight of my application process was doing an interview with Nancy Pearl, my librarian hero. I listen to her podcast, and I have a deluxe action figure of her with shushing action. A little dorky, I know. So far, Syracuse has accepted me, and I’m waiting for decisions from the University of Illinois and the University of Washington. I’m going to  visit Syracuse in a couple of weeks and then spend a few days in NYC. Anyone want to join me?

piglobe-1The other big event was on January 9. Steve Swartz, the Hearst head of newspapers, came to the P-I and told us that Hearst is tired of losing money publishing the newspaper, so the company was going to try to sell it. If a buyer isn’t found within 60 days, Hearst will close the P-I. The 60-day mark is next Tuesday, so we’ll see what happens. You can probably get a pretty good idea of what we’re going through at the P-I by watching the video on the Rocky Mountain News website. It’s sad to see newspapers dying, especially with the up-close and personal view I have.

Under attack!

A couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk at the P-I busily scanning the wires for important business news, when I heard a loud booming sound. When I went out onto the deck to see what had interrupted my industrious labor, I saw some ships firing their cannons toward shore. They must have had bad aim — they were shooting right the P-I building and never hit it. Lucky for us. Apparently the ships were headed to Tacoma for a Fourth of July ship parade. The P-I had a story on another of the ships in the parade a few days ago.

A week from …

Arg — this week dragged itself through the muckiest part of the River Styx just so it could cling around my neck with its gripping, crushing, slimy tentacles.

OK, now I’m done with the metaphysical conceit part of this post.

My boss, Margaret, was racking up the vacation hours again, so she and her husband took a nice little winter jaunt to Florida. That’s terrific for her, not so fun for me, because when she’s gone, I have to do both her job and mine. And she often works ten hours a day just doing her job.

I started Monday with a minor nut-out about a year-end project that nobody seemed to know how to handle, and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the week. Actually, I think it made everyone feel sorry for me and want to treat me very nicely, because the rest of the week went fairly well. We had some really good stories in the section, and even one on A1. And I’m going to get a fat check next week because it’ll have all of my overtime hours on it.

So, to treat myself after getting through the week with my sanity (nearly) intact, I’m planning on going snowboarding tomorrow at Mount Baker — that is, if I can drag myself out of bed.